Installing OpenCV on Mac

So this is my first post, and my first steps to get OpenCV running on my Mac.

Based on that my knowledge about this topic is almost null, for these first posts I will be including several resources/links of the things I’ve done to achieve my goals.

I found a really good tutorial on how to install OpenCV on a Mac: Wired Watershed -HOWTO: Install, Build and Use openCV (MacOSX 10.10)

Wait… before you go ahead and start following the steps let me tell you some tips so you don’t have problems down the road. At the time of writing this post, the source code for OpenCV had a small bug in which it only allows you to capture video from the camera no more than 100 seconds, and then it would make your program crash. However, there is a simple fix to this (see more details):

  1. Once you download the latest version of OpenCV source code, locate the file “opencv-3.1.0/modules/videoio/src/” and open it
  2. Comment the following line (by adding “//”)
    // Create a dummy timer so that runUntilDate does not exit immediately:
    //[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:100 target:nil selector:@selector(doFireTimer:) userInfo:nil repeats:YES];
  3. Proceed to configure, build, and install OpenCV with the tutorial referenced above


In a later tutorial I will show how to start making your apps with OpenCV and Xcode.

Good Luck!


Installing OpenCV on Mac

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